When you make the DECISION to change,
We provide the TRAINING to make it a reality.
The Good News: Relax, you are not messed up. There is nothing wrong with you. You are not broken or flawed.

The Bad News: Your current strategies will not get you to where you want to go. If you feel stuck in a bad dream, it's time to wake up.

Your challenges and obstacles are likely the result of bad beliefs and behaviors. Most people fail to achieve their goals because they confront their obstacles at the strongest challenge — when they're already in trouble.

The Awakening is the idea that the real solution is hidden before you start. The solution is neatly tucked away even before you get to step one. The step before one is Awakening. It is the highest leverage place you should start — before you start.

In your case, the Awakening point is your beliefs, identity and behaviors. If you focus your efforts on your Awakening — to adapt your identity and beliefs about your capabilities to remove your limits — then your previous mountains of obstacles can disappear like a cloud drifting away in the sky. From here you can walk forward and have fun knowing you are traveling down a path of confidence.

I provide training for: Actresses and Performers, Models, and Women's Sexuality.

Actresses and Performers

There is a magic moment you step into and become another identity. The performance becomes art and flows from your other-than-conscious processes. Time slips. Emotions are summoned and displayed at will. The lines from the script become your thoughts. The grace of your movement becomes your singular purpose.

I will teach you to step into this space of performance. You can assume a different identity allowing you to perform beyond the limits of your current self. And the most important part, we leave a trail of breadcrumbs for you to bring back the skills you want to keep. The ability to become yourself again keeps you grounded and eliminates any neurotic consequences of having deeply assumed another identity while performing.

Directors will want to forever work with you because of your confidence and relaxed flexibility.


The photographer is frustrated because he is losing the light. He has an idea, but cannot communicate clearly what he wants. His direction is like a two-year old who has had his toys taken away. The set is a mess. Chaos swirls everywhere. Yet you are calm, confident, prepared, playful and reigning in this environment after we have worked together. You hold space for the Feminine.

Or perhaps the designer is screaming for adjustments before you have to walk the runway, pivot, and make your way back to do it again. Instead of looking like you are marching your heels into bloody battle, you are relaxed and happy. Every other girl sneaks looks at you in amazement at how unfazed you are. The click and flash of cameras actually slow down for you because photographers are mesmerized. Their cameras lower as they take you in with their own eyes. They cannot put words to it, but they feel something is different about you. You own the room.

You are confronted with not being seen for who you are inside, because of the constant judgement and appraisal of your outside. Your reality distorts. The best way to grace a print or sway down a runway is to stabilize the emotions of everyday life and create anchors of confidence. This way you don’t think less of yourself, you just think about yourself less. 

I will teach you to move through the world with emotion, instead of your emotions moving you through the world.

Women’s Sexuality

Using hypnotic techniques I teach women to become fully orgasmic and lead lives free from emotional pain. Relax and learn how to experience Pleasure beyond imagination. Fully clothed orgasms on verbal command or simple touch of the hand, orgasms for 20+ minutes, rolling wave orgasms, kissgasms, etc. are simple when you understand that all of this happens first in the mind and then your body follows. And if you are ready, then we can address the Primal Feminine.

Due to the sensitive nature of this training any further description is upon inquiry only.
The Renegade Hypnotist
Mark Cunningham is one of the genuine rebels when it come to the pursuit of maximizing human potential.

As one of the most experienced hypnotists in the world, he authors cutting-edge classes, trains physicians and therapists in the use of hypnosis as therapy, and gives Human Potential / Sexuality seminars and live events throughout Europe, North America, Australia and Asia.
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